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I take the path that many are afraid to take. I help people recognize their purpose in life by walking in mine.  In spite of my overwhelming personal traumatic experiences of low self-esteem, domestic violence, divorce, the murder of my mother, financial ruin, homelessness, depression, and being deathly ill; I have risen above it all to be a beacon of hope for others. I am passionate about helping others come to know God and I have committed my life to serving Him.
I  hope to leave a Godly legacy that will bring more unity in our community and total dependence on God. 

I hope that my story will inform, inspire, and encourage all people everywhere to surrender their lives to God so they can live better than blessed! My goal is to provide quality services that will help others learn how to navigate to a better than blessed life! Please take a few moments to look over my website and send me a message if you have questions. I look forward to serving you.

God Bless and Much Love,

Tuwana Nicole