Life can be very overwhelming and oftentimes feel like it's not worth living when you do not understand that there is a real unseen enemy that will stop at nothing to steal, kill, and ultimately destroy you. Tuwana knows all too well what it feels like to go through life feeling rejected, overwhelmed, unloveable, and suicidal. This book will take you on Tuwana's personal journey and give you practical tools that will not only empower, but also equip you to overcome the plans of the enemy. Through her own personal life experiences, she will provide insight & revelation to help you: * Identify Who the Real Enemy Is * Understand How the Enemy Operates * Why You are a Target for the Enemy * How You can Overcome the Enemy's Plan * How Surrender is the Pathway to Freedom * and ultimately how to live a Better Than Blessed Life! Whether you are experiencing this unseen enemy in your personal life or have a desire to help others overcome the plan of the enemy; From Rejected to Redeemed is sure to enable you to live a better than blessed life by applying the biblical principles that Tuwana uses daily to not only take her power back from the enemy, but also to walk in the authority & dominion that God promises all mankind.

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